Frequently Asked Questions


What Products Are Used And Recommended?

Product brands
  • Orgain Protein
  • pHresh Greens Powder
  • pHresh Cacao Powder
  • Orgain Superfoods
  • Nutiva Coconut Oil
  • Nutiva Coconut Flour
  • Nutiva Chia seed
  • Nutiva Hemp Seed
  • Organic Bio Herbs – St. John’s Worth Tea

You can substitute foods that you do not like or cannot get easily. You do not have to buy any of these products listed above to be successful, but I personally use them to enhance recipes and make my life a whole lot easier.

Program Questions

Is This Program Safe for all ages?
The program is design for adults age 16 years and above.

Why Don’t I Have Any Emails From Villy?

Make sure to check your Spam/Junk email folders.

You can also star or mark Villy’s emails as “important” (so you don’t miss anything).

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Who Can I Reach Out To For Technical Or Support Issues?

Please email one of our Client Specialist at

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